May 14, 2017


Our values are at the heart of every thing we do. They foster our behavior and determine our results. They’re a connection to our history, a measure of our success, and a guide for our future.

We believe that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

The employees at Shawttynatt Media, its divisions, and the companies we choose to partner with, are guided in their work and their interactions with others by six core principles – the values in which we believe.

These are the same beliefs that have made us successful since our beginning in 2008.

Customer Satisfaction : Customer satisfaction is Shawttynatt Media’s number one goal. Our team makes every single attempt possible to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Creativity:  By combining our passion for online brand recognition with our expertise in  online marketing and our understanding of social media networks, we develop new and effective ways to communicate, and to convert prospects into purchasers.

Integrity: In every endeavor for every client, we work to build a committed relationship based on trust, reliability and accountability. From lead generation to cold calling prospects to appointment setting, integrity is a pivotal aspect of everything we do. We treat your business as if it were our own. With that perspective, we are always looking out for your best interests and ensuring your success. Such integrity is the bedrock of our business.

Excellence: Our business is built on the success of our customers. For that reason, our job is never complete until we’ve met or exceeded their expectations. And, as proud as we are of our own marketing efforts, we are equally proud that the majority of our business in generated by referrals from satisfied customers.

Fun: While working hard, we also take enjoyment in our efforts and satisfaction in teamwork in the spirit of fostering fresh ideas, new perspectives and cooperation.

Delivery: We deliver business value through enhancing our clients’ presence on the web and in prints…Online Marketing, Brand Identity and Expansion.

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